2020 Newsletter

First Quarter Newsletter


Promoting Socio-Economic Inclusion of Elderly women through wellbeing parties (WEP-4-SIEW) in ITEDO Community, Lagos State.


January, 2020.

We held our project preliminary meeting on 23rd January, jan12020 at ITEDO community of Lagos state to establish community channels and trusted intermediaries in order for us to succeed in mobilizing community members to participate early in our project: “Promoting Socio - economic Inclusion of Elderly Women through Well-being Parties. (WEP-4-SIEW).”

Once Center for Gender Economics systematized the results of leaders identified by community members that we had interacted with during our community assessment, we convened leaders to introduce them to the project and requested feedback and advice on how best to engage the broader community. We asked these leaders to help us reach out to the community and play key roles in organizing our subsequent meetings. The meeting was a huge success.



February, 2020

On our WVL project we held our project baseline assessment data collection activity. This lasted febfor two days in Itedo community, from February 16th –February 17th 2020. We administered questionnaires to older women in their stalls, within their homes and our data collectors also gathered them in groups of tens for ease of collection of feedback.

Our respondents were asked questions relating to their demography, issues affecting their wellbeing in the community, abuse, nutrition as well as their health challenges. The meeting was a huge success as we had a maximum co-operation of the project beneficiaries.



March, 2020.

A one-day consultative forum was held at the project community ITEDO on March 1st 2020. marchThe purpose of the forum was to consult our beneficiaries and find out the list of problem themes they will want us to facilitate discussions on in the future well- being parties. The list of themes agreed on will guide the development of the Handbook that will be used for the wellbeing parties from July 2020 to February 2021. The beneficiaries were shared into smaller groups and tasked to brainstorm - suggest and discuss relevant themes of preference to be discussed at the wellbeing parties.

This was collated by the project team and a draft handbook has been developed for the party facilitators training which due to COVID 19 pandemic has been postponed indefinitely. The consultative forum was a huge success because we achieved the key objective of the meeting.



Our Mission


We inspire divers leaders in Africa to attain gender equality in economic policies and practices.