Why Center for Gender Economics?

In most African countries, only about a third of women participate in economic activity, often in very limited ways. There is evidence that investing in gender equality and equity—such as increasing women and girls access to health care, employment and credit—can accelerate economic growth and reduce poverty. Yet attention to gender equality and equity is still lacking in economic policy formulation and implementation in Africa. CGE Africa responds to this gap in economic policy formulation and implementation in Africa as a whole.

We believe that women’s knowledge can be enhanced to make positive change in their communities. We facilitate workshops for diverse groups of women and girls across Africa from (11 years old to 90 years) on how to take action to promote economic equality. We ensure that those economic policies and poverty reduction strategies in Africa benefits poor women and men, girls and boys, more equitably, Center for Gender Economics Initiatives (CGE Africa) is a comprehensive research, capacity development, advocacy and advisory services nongovernmental organization registered in March 2011. We provide technical support by mainstreaming gender equality into governments’ economic policies, budgets, development plans and sectoral strategies.

CGE Africa focuses on the alleviation of poverty and gender inequalities through the promotion of women’s enterprise and their role as economic agents, while addressing the structural and contextual causes that reproduce said inequalities. We promote an understanding of gender inequalities and how they can be remedied – by persons of all genders – in the economy.

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Our Mission


Our mission is to inspire African citizens to take their position at the centre of sustainable development by rising above barriers to gender equality and economic growth.