Who We Are


Center for Gender Economics Initiatives (CGE Africa) is a comprehensive research, capacity development, advocacy and advisory services nongovernmental organization registered in March, 2011. CGE Africa provides technical support by mainstreaming gender equality into governments’ economic policies, budgets, development plans and sectoral strategies.

Since 2011 CGE Africa has been developing capacities for the gender analysis of the region’s economies and conditions for positioning the women’s agenda in the new stage of trade opening which seeks to reduce the profound inequalities that characterize Africa. CGE Africa focuses on the alleviation of poverty and gender inequalities through the promotion of women’s enterprise and their role as economic agents, while addressing the structural and contextual causes that reproduce said inequalities.

The overall goal of CGE Africa is to contribute to the eradication of poverty and gender inequalities through a new focus on women’s economic empowerment and the role of women’s leadership in sustainable development. It is based on macro, meso and micro analyses of economic processes, while focusing on the economic empowerment of women.


Our Mission


Our mission is to inspire African citizens to take their position at the centre of sustainable development by rising above barriers to gender equality and economic growth.